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Mar. 3rd, 2010

Should probably have posted about this sooner but wow. Met Steve Forrest on Sunday while picking up rougevelvet at the airport here in Perth. He was everything i expected and so much more and the hug was lovely! He has the most amazingly intense way of looking in your eyes while talking to you. Definitely internal mush inducing!

Peekture!Collapse )

Placebo were amazing at every show. Survived both soundwaves even though Perth got to 40!!! So hot we practically melted in the sun but still managed barrier! Was able to get some amazing pictures which I'll upload when I get home on the 14th.

Will post something more in depth later!


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Feb. 22nd, 2010

Wow. Placebo were freaking AMAZING. Blown me away completely and utterly. If I wasn't a fan already I'd be a definite convert.
They played an amazing setlist! Was 2nd row in front of Brian and Fiona. Sunshine was just wow.
Before the show by pure chance rougevelvet and I were by the door when the band arrived. Brian ran past and I was like wait what? That was Brian! Then Bill. Then Stefan who gave a smile and said hey. Then Sunshine climbed out of the van and was all heeey! Cue melting. Then Fiona walked past. She's so super pretty!
Back at the hotel. Blisters on my toes. Little ones are swolllen. Ow. At least I have feeling back in my feet!
Now to have champagne and chillax!!


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Hello Bandwagon - I might join you..

Twitter: @EverBluexo

Just brought tickets to the advance screening of Twilight.
Will be seeing it Wednesday the 3rd @ 7pm!
Then Sunday the 7th is the Twilight convention.
Then Monday the 8th is the pre-screening with the cast! - which are the only 'premieres' that are being held in Aus!
Super excited!

Oct. 16th, 2008

Ohhhhh yeah!!
Okay.. so.. I'd held off on making a decision on what I thought of The Jonas Brothers until I'd heard a complete song or found out a little more on them and having just watched them on Oprah, I'm without a doubt not a fan..

They don't come even close to Hanson in their interview skills and I believe that if they hadn't been picked up by Disney, they'd be nothing. Hanson did it all pretty much on their own and worked the hard yards themselves but the Jonas Bros have had everything handed to them on a silver platter titled 'Disney'.

I'm not against Disney in ANY way - but yeah.. I'd like to see the Jonas Brothers do half as good as Hanson without their support.

Times they are a changing..

I took a step in changing myself today. A pretty big one I think.
I joined Contours this morning after doing a free session. I've decided that I'm finally ready to do something serious about getting my life together. I need to do it for my physical and mental wellbeing. I can't keep taking so many medications, they're going to have a bad effect in the long run. Especially the warfarin - I HATE putting rat poison into my body every day because that's what it is essentially. It's made from the same stuff as rat poison. But it's a small price to pay to not get more blood clots because let me tell you, those things are scary buggars. I don't wish them on my worst enemy. Especially ones that pass through the heart - THAT felt like a heart attack, they actually THOUGHT I was having one at first but then discovered that it was just clots - but most of you reading this know that already so I'm going to shut up about it hah.

But yeah. I'm really going to turn my life around and try and regain some of the confidence I used to have - most of you wouldn't even believe the person I used to be was me. I was confident, bright, bubbly, and wouldn't hesitate in befriending strangers in a supermarket. haha. In my defense though, I HAVE improved greatly over the past couple of years. I've gone from not being able to leave my house to traveling to the other side of the country for almost a month. I'm able to go out by myself. I'm back to driving. I'm feeling more alive.
I just have to work at spending less time sitting here in front of this computer. It was good while I was in a really bad way, but now I've gotten stuck in a rut where I wake up then come on here. Spend all the time that I'm home here, sometimes just sitting in my deskchair with iTunes on random when there's no one to talk to. I should really move all the stuff off my couch so I can use the darn thing! But I have my life centered around my computer and I know it's not healthy. I know that it's partly why I'm getting such bad headaches again, my neck and back are out of alignment and it's made worse by bad posture from sitting so much.
I am trying though to spend less time here. I'm getting up and walking around the house or I'll go in and spend time with mum or I'll go out and visit someone. But it's still so hard 'cause I AM stuck in the comfort zone of relying on the computer for my entertainment and social needs.

This is getting longer than I'd anticipated it to be so I'll end it now - partly because I want a cup of tea and I've already boiled the kettle a couple of times to make it, but keep forgetting what I was doing! I'm getting old, I swear.

Hope everyone is well!

Just got my tickets to Kelly in the mail but plans have changed and I've decided to go to Perth a week earlier and see Mandy TWICE with Ben Lee in an intimate setting rather than once with Kelly in a stadium.
SO I have two tickets that I have to sell - if anyone is interested just let me know. I paid $85.50 for each but will sell them both for $150. If someone took them off my hands it would save having to figure out how to list on ebay! haha